CHIA: Not just a seed....

While we are all familiar with chia seeds, chia microgreens may not be a term that you hear often. In fact, the seed is so famed for its health benefits that we can forget that it is an actual plant!

With a brief moment in the spotlight thanks to the CHIA PET, chia microgreens seem to have been long forgotten, but we’re excited to introduce these highly nutritious seeds to our Micropod seedmat range.

While the seeds are loaded with omega-3, antioxidants, fibre and more, you’ll be surprised to learn that in its microgreen form, chia can offer even more health benefits than the seeds!

Bone & cardiovascular health

Chia microgreens are high in calcium which is not only essential for your teeth and bones, it is also highly beneficial for your cardiovascular system by improving your heart health and the ability for nutrients and oxygen to get around your body.

Brain Health

High in omega-3 fatty acids as per its seed counterpart, chia microgreens can help improve brain and cognitive function and they have even been linked to contributing to the prevention of Alzheimers development (1).

Boost Blood Health

When sprouted, chia has the added benefit of chlorophyll which helps to cleanse your blood and increase your red blood cell count. Chlorophyll is also full of vitamins K, E, C and A as well as potassium and iron (1,2).

Our bodies require Omega 3 fatty acids in order to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system as well as to help stabilize cholesterol and insulin levels. It can also improve memory and contribute to steering off anxiety and depression. Grow your body stronger and resist disease as effectively as possible by adding these little gems to your daily diet!

What do chia microgreens taste like?

Very mild in flavour, they have a slight bitterness - which makes them great when added to sweeter foods. They also have a delightfully fresh minty scent (surprisingly, chia is actually part of the mint family!)

Add them to salads, sandwiches, smoothies or atop basically any meal to add freshness and a zing of flavour. Because of their mildness, kids will love them too and is a sure-fire way to encourage them to eat their greens!

How do they grow?

Chia microgreens are quick to grow, so make sure to grow it with either Rocket or Mizuna for a similar growth rate.

If you can't finish your harvest right away, simply keep them growing in the tray and just top up the water if the mat starts to run dry.  However the roots need oxygen to be healthy, so make sure not to top your tray water up too much throughout the growing process. Its best to have the white roots (beneath the honeycomb grills) only HALF submerged in the water so the roots can still wick up water when they get thirsty, whilst still having access to oxygen when they need a breath.

Get yourself some Chia Seedmats now and start reaping the benefits of this tiny superfood!


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