About Us

Inspired by indoor farming and with the vision of harvesting fresh greens in our own kitchens, packed with nutrients & vitamins and grown without nasty pesticides. We founded Micropod in 2016, based out of Auckland, New Zealand.

On a whole, fresh produce is normally distributed using unnecessary amounts of single-use plastic packaging, transported hundreds of kms. All the while, nutrients are lost day-by-day - That's not cool...

We figured if we were going to start anything, our primary focus would be making growing super easy, sustainable and fun! What better produce is there than the most nutritious superfood we know; microgreens!

Like us, we found that there were many people that also wanted the benefits of home-grown greens but they lacked the space, time, climate or know-how.

Micropod is our way of sharing what we’ve discovered to empower anyone, anywhere to grow their own greens using our easy and sustainable process.

We hope that it will be a catalyst for people to become more self-sufficient and conscious of where their food comes from. But above all, to enjoy growing and sharing delicious and nutritious meals with friends and family!

Happy growing, 

Jeff, Brian, Ollie and Jonathan