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Mild peppery, slightly spicy flavour.

Mizuna (aka Japanese Mustard) has a mild flavour. Use micro-mizuna as garnish for meat or raw fish dishes like sashimi. It can also be used as a milder substitute for mustard in micro salads and a great topping for pasta dishes, soups, stews and pizzas.

Rich in antioxidants, and high in vitamins K, A and C

Grow time: 9 - 15 days 

Made in NZ
Untreated seeds
Fully compostable
Each refill contains 6 seedmats 
Each Seedmat contains approx. 440 seeds!

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Customer Reviews

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Dick Andrews (Auckland, New Zealand)
Ok but not more

Followed the instructions but significant failure of seeds to sprout. About 35% came up. Not impressed by the results and the huge cost - $60+ for mediocre results

Rhonda Lelo (Auckland, New Zealand)

I absolutely love your work, love your product and support you whole heartedly.
My only gripe (and I totally understand that some things are beyond your control) is the delivery time. 2 weeks ... do you have a contactless pickup option? I'm literally less than an hours drive from you... 2 weeks waiting for the potentially delicious microgreens was too long. Lol Thanks 😊

julie millowick (Brunswick East, Australia)
it only arrived yesterday

The product arrived yesterday - a long wait - I look forward to using it. It was sent on 16 Sept, arrived 12 October.

Joady Marvell (Sydney, Australia)
Great Product

Such an easy fool proof way to grow your own micro greens in a very short space of time.

Noelene Ross (Auckland, New Zealand)
Great Micro Greens

I love my micropod. Most nights I have a salad with my dinner, summer and winter and the micro greens add a different taste to it. They are especially nice when added to an egg sandwich or with cream cheese on a cracker.