Healthy, nutritious and simply delicious - a few of our favorite microgreens recipes!

Microgreens are a delicious addition to any meal - adding flavour, nutrition and the finishing touch to any meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Once you have a micropod in your kitchen the temptation to add mizuna to your mushrooms on toast, rocket to your sandwich or kale to pizzas will help you create amazing new dishes. Here are a few recipes we’re loving at the moment to get you started.


1)   Annabel Langbein’s rocket microgreens sandwich goodness

One of New Zealand’s great chefs, Annabel Langbein has developed a philosophy and approach in which “home-grown, home-cooked food...connects us to the rhythms of nature”.

Here we feature her recipe for cold-smoked salmon sandwiches with microgreens. mustard or rocket microgreens alongside smoked salmon and cucumber you can create the perfect lunch or canapé for any event.


2)   Peach and goat cheese pizza with mighty mizuna

Nothing suits a summer evening like pizza, and microgreens are the best topping. This delicious recipe from Cozy Peach Kitchen matches delicious peaches (Golden Queen Peaches from the Hawkes Bay are a personal favourite) with Goat Cheese and microgreens. I prefer the mizuna Mizuna microgreens in this one as their slightly peppery taste accents the sweetness of the peaches and the texture of the goat’s cheese.


3) Scintillating summer salads with pak choi

Nothing beats a fresh, healthy salad made even more delicious with a selection of microgreens on these hot summer nights. This recipe from A House in the Hills combines microgreens with berries, pine nuts, asparagus and corn. Arugula is the American name for Rocket so you can use rocket microgreens Rocket, or try it with Pak Choi for a soft sweet backing and use raspberries, green asparagus and fresh yellow corn. A touch of pomegranate wouldn’t go amiss either.

Microgreens are incredibly versatile and a great ingredient. We’re excited to see what you do with yours! Share a picture with us via Facebook, Instagram or email one in.

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