5 Tips for Growing Microgreens in Summer

Summer's in full swing, and we hope your micropod is too.

This is a great time to grow microgreens - not only do they love the warm weather, they are also the perfect ingredient in most summer dishes with their fresh flavours and crunchy textures.

As with all indoor plants, you should adapt your plant care based on the environment. We've put together some handy tips below to help keep you growing the best microgreen crops this summer!

Make sure you add 550mL water at setup (water should sit level with the seedmats). Hotter weather requires more water so it's a good idea to top up water about a week into growing if the mats start to run dry.  
Just remember the roots need oxygen to be healthy, so if you need to top up, make sure the water only comes half way up the white roots (beneath the honeycomb grills).

Ideal germination temperature is between 18- 24 degrees (under the lid). If the temperature is too high, the seeds might get “cooked” which will stunt their growth. If this occurs, the roots will appear brown.

Try germinating away from the sun in a cooler area, and then return to the sunny spot once the lid is ready to come off.

Good airflow will help the microgreens stay cool if they get too hot and will aid germination. 

Leaving your micropod on the windowsill with the window slightly ajar will help keep the temperature steady and help to prevent mould. 

Remember to give your micropod tray and honeycomb grills a good clean with warm soapy water between each batch

 Your micropod is dishwasher safe (but we recommend handwashing to preserve its life).


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