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Mild peppery, and crunchy with a fresh subtle spicy flavour. 

No matter your stance on the taste of broccoli, its microgreens are not to be dismissed as fun-sized clones of their mature siblings. Containing 10 to 100 times more sulforaphane than adult broccoli. The health benefits of micro-broccoli are truly unbelievable!

Thanks to their mildness, broccoli microgreens blend beautifully into smoothies and are especially tasty when piled high on a sammie or scattered through your favourite salad. The broccoli-adverse won't even realise they're eating broccoli. Everybody wins!

Contains vitamin A, B, C, E, K, as well as iron, potassium and selenium.

They're small but they pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. Read our blog here to learn more. 


Made in NZ
Organic seeds
Fully compostable
Each refill contains 6 seedmats 
Each Seedmat contains approx. 440 seeds!

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Customer Reviews

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Jane Seal (Freeling, Australia)
Micro seeds

I love the delicious sprouts to add to my salads and snacks

lesley willey (Hamilton, New Zealand)
Please read

You have a very good service and this gives me the opportunity l have wanted as l didn't want to put in contents as l believe in your product

What am l doing wrong my sprouts seen nothing like your photos or my first cut short l moved in with my daughter so didn't use for 3mths could my seeds have gone off now not enough for me on my own lm 81 so don't need many but cost wise not going to be worth bothering with.l think I've put this in the wrong place so please don't print l have photos and can get my daughter to send lm not upto that IT thanks for listening LESLEY

Alistair Niven (Havelock North, New Zealand)
All in one pack

We love this mix or works so well and great flavors.

merran Spath (Auckland, New Zealand)
Delicious baby rocket

Easy to grow, yum.
This is a great alternative to baby greens from a store: I grow rocket on my kitchen bench, it’s so convenient & delicious

Lorna Turner (Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
Micropod Mix.

Great product as usual. My husband laughed when I told him he was having healthy greens in his sandwiches. He changed his mind and really enjoys them. He loves the fresh crunch.